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American University Dubai Careers Jobs Vacancies

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American University in the Emirates 2021


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Dubai, Dubai
6,203+ alumni

About AUE


The American University in the Emirates (AUE) is one of the most rapidly growing universities in the United Arab Emirates. Why do so many students want to study here? This is because AUE offers an American curriculum, taught by highly regarded faculty, who seek to engage our students in excellent learning experiences. AUE offers students accredited undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs within in its seven Colleges and numerous Institutes and Centers, which encourage you to become proactive, reflective and critical thinkers and researchers. AUE students learn to become part of a fully engaged community, whose members are taught to become the next leaders within their professions, both locally and internationally.


Here Latest AUE Jobs Openings


1) Internal Auditor – Apply For Job

2) COBA – Quantitative Analysis | Business Statistics – Adjunct Faculty – Apply For Job

3) COBA – Project Management – Adjunct Faculty – Apply For Job

4) COBA – Marketing – Adjunct Faculty – Apply For Job

5) COBA – Production and Operations Management – Adjunct Faculty – Apply For Job

6) CCIT – Computer Science – Faculty – Ph.D in Computer Science – Apply For Job

7) CCIT – Faculty – Digital Forensics – Apply For Job

8) CLAW – Associate Professor – Arbitration – Apply For Job

9) Dean – College of Security & Global Studies – Apply For Job

10) CCIT – Faculty – Network Security – Apply For Job



AUE Vision

The American University in the Emirates (AUE) is dedicated to be one of the leading higher educational institutions locally and regionally, providing an integrated pathway for students to become creative, effective, and productive members of the community.


AUE Mission

The American University in the Emirates is a coeducational undergraduate and graduate degree-granting institution committed to preparing students as global citizens for future career aspirations and lifelong learning through quality teaching,  research, and service opportunities.


AUE Objectives

For women to find empowerment in motivation, strength in diversity and learning mentorship the IMW’s objectives are to

  1. To support the UAE 2021 gender equality index, through women participation as agents of change.
  2. To ensure education for all women.
  3. To foster and sustain opportunities for women and recognize their achievements.
  4. To build and promote networks of support and mentorship for women at the local, regional and international levels.
  5. To advance social sustainability via


AUE Core Values

Improve Quality of Life

Respect and Dignity

Equal Opportunities and Recognition

Openness , Trust and Integrity

Innovation and Creativity

Persistence and Entrepreneurialism

Stewardship and Economic Viability

Safety and Environmental Responsibility

Teamwork and Partnership



American University in the Emirates, located in Dubai is officially licensed to 04th, September, 2022 by the Ministry of Education of the United Arab Emirates to award degrees/qualifications in higher education.

International Accreditation

– College of Business Administration

As the world’s largest business education alliance, AACSB International—The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)—connects educators, students, and businesses to achieve a common goal: to create the next generation of great leaders. AACSB is a global membership association for the business education industry. The member network, known as the AACSB Business Education Alliance, is a network of business educators, business, nonprofit, and public-sector organizations dedicated to sharing knowledge and best practices to accelerate innovation in business education. The American University in the Emirates College of Business Administration is a member of AACSB and is working to achieve accreditation. AACSB International is a global association of leaders in education and business dedicated to supporting and advancing quality business education worldwide. Through membership, accreditation, research, thought leadership, professional development, and advocacy, AACSB partners with over 1,700 organizations, from more than 100 countries. Membership or participation in the Global Education Alliance does not imply accreditation.

– College of Computer Information Technology

The Bachelor of Computer Science in the College of Computer Information Technology is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET:

Our Colleges







Undergraduate programs


1) Bachelor of Business Administration
  •    Accounting

Accounting is the most sought after area of interest for many business graduates. This is challenging, as one learns to be right on top of the financial markets; the program allows conducting analysis and observes the improvement of financial situations. Above all, graduates with accounting qualifications are the benchmark of success for any company.

It is imperative to know that this degree opens doors to gain prestigious qualifications and practice as a Chartered Accountant or Certified Public Accountant.

In the last two decades, the globalization phenomenon has seen growth of networks, in both the private and public sectors. This has tremendously experienced the appropriate means of fiscal management at micro and macro level. Thus, the window of opportunity encourages fresh graduates to learn and practice fiscal management, budget allocation, cost effectiveness, investment and financial opportunities and many other options. This is a versatile area that can link to any discipline for an aspiring employee backed with a solid foundation of accounting knowledge.


  • Business Management


– Lead Companies to Full Potential

The program is designed to offer a wide range of career choices. Business Management provides the scope for you to immediately start a career after graduation as a sole practitioner or staff manager. Upon gaining proper experiences, you can move on to supervise other managers with an aspiration to become partners. The most important position to which you would aspire is that of a general manager. The College of Business Administration provides you with the tools and advice to develop the right career that would lead to positions in management, healthcare, banking, computer technology and strategic management.


– Course Structure

In the first year of the program, students study basic disciplines in Management, Accounting, Marketing and General Studies. In the second year, in addition to General Education, the core requirements provide further education on Management Skills and their principles, including the legal aspects. The third and fourth years allow students to choose 300 and 400 level courses, including specialization requirements.


  • E-Commerce and Marketing


The College of Business Administration provides an up-to-date program in E-Commerce and Marketing with managerial and technological knowledge that allows students to participate and utilize the electronic media as a market place.

E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce is a computer-based science using digital systems for economic and business purposes. This form of marketing has largely expanded during the last three decades.

Looking for employment immediately after your education? A logical solution is the undergraduate degree in E-Commerce and Marketing at the AUE. The ‘global village’ concept has brought all industries to operate on a common platform. The virtual contact is no longer a stand-alone issue; rather, it is the most effective solution to the new millennium’s industrial needs.

The volume of trade, availability of goods, transfer of finance, information sharing and supplying the items to the market is an ardent exercise of intelligence; and it remains only a click away.

An inquisitive person, who has the potential and confidence of appropriate communication, persuasive ability and is willing to perform better, should study this specialization. The course programs develop students to be multi-track thinkers, to sustain pressure, utilize the opportunities and appreciate the technological advancements of this era.


  • Finance

AUE offers a strong multi-cultural, multi-lingual and friendly atmosphere for its students for this program. With Dubai being a world class leading financial hub, the relevance to study finance and practice it is more than compelling.


  • Hospital and Healthcare Management


Hospital and Healthcare Management is an entrepreneurial activity. Students need to learn national and international healthcare techniques, apply intercultural communication skills and participate in practice-oriented education. Such competences are essential in staffing healthcare facilities that are of proven quality, cost-competitive, and can efficiently cater to the needs of our citizens.

This program includes theoretical and practical approaches, in a way that incorporates international best practices. Program faculty members provide students with skills and expertise so as to mold them into effective hospital and healthcare facility managers. In summation, this program encourages students to evolve into a unique group of expert administrators and practitioners.


  • Human Resource Management


Why Study Human Resource Management at AUE?

> Students are best prepared for a career in human resources when the subject is taught within a business context.

> The program the College of Business Administration offers meets the rigorous Standards of the Commission for Academic Accreditation.

> The Human Resource specialization is integrated throughout all Management and Development Strategy programs.


Why Study Human Resource Management?


> It is among the five top professions in demand.

>The job opening percentage is 50% and above.

>Distinct competitive advantage over other areas of study.

>It will remain in continuous demand.

Every organization employs Human Resources Managers to ensure that proper human capital is attracted and retained. The program offered by the College of Business Administration (COBA) allows students to effectively manage the human resources functions at any organization.


  • Insurance and Risk Management


The College of Business Administration’s specialization in Insurance and Risk Management constitutes of an internationally recognized program. This program prepares students to identify and evaluate various sources of risk affecting local, regional and global level that needs appropriate changes to the decisions, which insures and manages risks through a technical expertise perspective, and as an end point, deals with them comprehensively and efficiently.

At the end of a four-year period, young graduates are expected to select and implement solutions to control these risks through insurance and other mechanisms of risk transfer and distribution.


  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management


At the backdrop of emerging employment potentials, AUE’s vital specialization is viewed in the context of the global economy. The College of Business Administration’s Logistics and Supply Chain Management program is designed to play a role in the long term success of organizations and companies. The logistics and supply chain management sector is a highly specialized field and offers challenging but rewarding careers. To succeed therein, general business knowledge, plus an understanding of economics, accounting and industrial laws are essential.


2) Bachelor of Science in Information
  • Technology Management


The College of Computer Information Technology (CCIT) offers a specialized program in the field of Information Technology Management. The program has been designed by information technology professionals to to assist students in building their career in the IT industry. The curriculum focuses on problem-solving skills and techniques required to deliver computer-based solutions to real-world scenarios. Students develop and communicate technological solutions to different industrial issues, manage systems operations, improve, and simplify the technology transfer into industries and governments. Students learn to implement ethical judgments and critical thinking to measure, and evaluate the impact of information technology on modern social, political, and economic issues.


  • Computer Science


The Bachelors of Science in Computer Science program at the College of Computer Information Technology (CCIT) aims at providing state-of-the-art computing knowledge, skills, and competence to the students. The program is designed to build a solid foundation of computing knowledge that will help students in capitalizing the high demand of computer professionals in the industry. The computer science program offers two concentrations: Network Security and Digital Forensics.

About The Office of Research


  • Mission Statement


The American University in the Emirates (AUE) is committed to empower and encourage distinctive multidisciplinary research in order to be one of the well-recognized university in the United Arab Emirates.

To achieve this, the Office of Research [OR] has been established to promote a “culture of applied research” among students and faculty members.

The mission of the Office of Research (OR) is to build and enhance excellent research capacity in key strategic areas in line with the UAE and AUE’s main research priorities for economic and social development that are set in the UAE 2021 Vision.

  • Research Strategic Goals


To be recognized as a leading teaching and research University in the United Arab Emirates, and promote an academic and intellectual ethos at AUE.

– To provide full support to all faculty members at AUE to pursue high quality Research driven by knowledge acquisition, creation, sharing and knowledge transfer.

-To recognize and encourage research excellence and publications with high impact factor in leading well recognized Journals and enhance the University ranking pertaining to research.

-To offer research assistance to students through a research clinic and seminars on technical knowhow of research and to encourage entrepreneurial culture among AUE graduate and undergraduate students.

-To expand the research cooperation and support from institutions and relevant industries while engaging alumni for soliciting the funds.


Career Advice

The Alumni Office is there to guide former students of the American University in the Emirates on the next steps of their professional lives. In conjunction with the Alumni Office, the Career Office gives alumni members access to various recruiters and renowned local and international companies waiting to hire fresh graduates. Alumni members can enjoy the benefit of the walk-in service where they can get help with writing their resumés and cover letters, applying to jobs and interview preparations.

Resumés – Construct and present your resumé that highlight your skills and experience to help you stand out among other candidates. As well as one-to-one sessions, resumé writing workshops regularly take place with guest lectures from recruiting companies.

Cover Letter – Learn how to write a compelling cover letter that helps to introduce yourself in the most effective way to impress recruiters. A cover letter is the first impression you give of yourself to your potential future employer.

Job Applications – Apply to the right jobs that fit your experience and can guarantee you an interview. Learn the different stages, from sending a resumé, following up, to what to do before your interview.

Interviews – Master the different elements to interview success and make a lasting impression to the job of your dreams. From body language, answering questions correctly, to asking the right questions to get that important call back.





Company size
201-500 employees
Dubai, Dubai

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