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Java Development Engineer

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Java Development Engineer Jobs in Dubai



Java Development Engineer (middle and senior)

Working hours: 9 hours per day and 4 days off per month
Age limit: Unlimited
Nationality : Unlimited
Job description:
1. Responsible for the design and development of the company’s product background
2. Be able to complete the design and development of service module independently
3. Good presentation and communication skills and teamwork spirit
4. Good written expression ability and good writing habits
5. Good team communication skills, proactive, learning and creative
Job requirements:
1. College degree or above in full-time unified recruitment, with more than 3 years of J2EE development experience
2. Have a solid Java foundation, be familiar with JVM, multithreading, collection, etc., and understand the best principle
3. Be familiar with common java development frameworks such as spring, springboot and mybatis
4. Be familiar with distributed and micro service development process, have practical development experience and understand common solutions
5. Be familiar with at least one message middleware and have practical application experience
6. Be proficient in using redis, jetchace and other caching technologies or frameworks
7. Be familiar with the use of relational databases such as MySQL and database-based application development, and be familiar with SQL optimization schemes
8. Be familiar with B / S structure and master JS, jQuery, HTML, themleaf and other technologies
9. Be familiar with Linux and windows platforms and system installation and release processes. Be proficient in using common shell commands

Please send you CV to +971527839411 (whatsapp)



To apply for this job please visit 971527839411.