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Carrier Dubai Careers 2022


Wholesale Building Materials Palm Beach Gardens, Florida


About Carrier

As the leading global provider of healthy, safe, sustainable and intelligent building and cold chain solutions, Carrier Global Corporation is committed to making the world safer, sustainable and more comfortable for generations to come. From the beginning, we’ve led in inventing new technologies and entirely new industries. Today, we continue to lead because we have a world-class, diverse workforce that puts the customer at the center of everything we do.


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1) Carrier Company



The values that we hold high at Carrier underscore how we will serve our customers and shareholders to position the company for future growth. We are committed to always operating with integrity in everything we do. We will continue to be innovators and deliver industry-leading products. We are committed to excellence, for our customers and shareholders. We are a global company that fosters an inclusive environment for all. We will achieve our goals by leveraging our diverse talents and perspectives.

Our Vision

At Carrier, we demand high performance and high integrity from all of our employees as well as everyone with whom we do business.

It is never acceptable to compromise our values or integrity to achieve our business objectives.

We are a company committed to always doing the right thing.

No exceptions.

– Dave Gitlin
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer



Carrier was built on a legacy of innovation – beginning with our founders. We are innovators at heart and inventors by heritage. From the start, we’ve led in pioneering new technologies and in enabling entirely new industries that have changed the world. Today, building on our history of firsts, we’re boldly advancing the industries we created to make a difference in people’s lives.



At Carrier, we drive sustainability with a focus on addressing climate change through accelerating decarbonization. Understanding the role of healthier, more efficient buildings and a smarter, more connected cold chain can play in reducing energy consumption, waste and emissions, we offer a comprehensive suite of products, including sustainability as a service, that allow customers to reach their energy and decarbonization goals. And along the way, we continue to build on a legacy of environmental leadership with enhancements to our operations and investments in sustainable technologies.

We empower customers to make a positive impact and meet their sustainability goals.

Creating a more sustainable world takes a collective effort across organizations – and across the globe. That’s why Carrier is focused on all the ways we can help our customers and partners advance sustainability every day – from decreasing energy consumption in buildings to reducing food waste and resulting emissions across the cold chain.

A comprehensive, integrated and growing suite of sustainability solutions and services.

Carrier is aiming to reduce our customers’ carbon footprint by more than one gigaton by 2030 in part through a tailored approach for commissioning, specifying equipment and providing assessment services based on each customer’s sustainability, operational and budgetary goals. The approach meets customers where they are within the product lifecycle and capital planning process with expertise and solutions to design, enable and deliver improved sustainability.

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Operational Excellence

Carrier Excellence is the continuous improvement framework that drives operational excellence across our company.

At all levels in the organization, we work together to implement Carrier Excellence practices in all of our activities, across every business, to benefit our customers and shareowners.

We focus on outstanding performance through:

Enhancing the customer experience

Driving value to our shareholders

Delivering best-in-class performance

Engaging employees to continuously improve our processes

Innovating sustainable solutions for the future

Carrier Excellence uses a proven set of tools to foster competency development and a continuous improvement culture.


Carrier Ventures

Sustainable Investments for a Healthier Planet

Carrier Ventures is a global venture capital group focused on investments to accelerate the development of sustainable innovations and disruptive technologies enabling the future of building and cold chain management. A catalyst for disruption, the group will engage in deep collaboration and strategic partnerships with high growth organizations as they develop technologies to innovate and commercialize the next generation of differentiated net zero solutions.

A Catalyst for Disruption


We focus on growth areas of electrification, energy management, and HVACR technologies.


We value commercial or strategic partnerships that leverage our R&D expertise, channel to market or becoming a part of our product offering.


We prioritize software and analytics, telematics, and differentiated technologies.


We seek out companies that align to our core values of respect, integrity, inclusion, innovation, and excellence.



2) Corporate Responsibility



At Carrier, we’re committed to what matters – addressing the planet’s most complex challenges and inspiring confidence for people everywhere. It’s why we create solutions that help ensure healthy, safe, sustainable and intelligent indoor environments, and enable the safe transport and storage of food, medicine and vaccines. We are building on decades of leadership in sustainability to set ever-higher standards and fostering a workplace culture that emphasizes inclusion so each and every Carrier employee feels like they _belong.

Now with our 2030 environmental, social and governance goals, we continue to push ourselves to think bigger and be better. We’ve set ambitious goals and put meaningful metrics behind them. By innovating, empowering our people and operating with integrity, we can continue to do good for our planet, our people and our communities. Together, we’re solving the challenges of today, creating a more sustainable tomorrow and inspiring confidence around the world.


Sustainable Cities

Buildings in the United States alone consume approximately 40% of all energy, and within buildings, heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems account for approximately 40% of energy use. Understanding that buildings are the biggest, most cost-effective climate mitigation solution available, Carrier empowers our customers to reach their energy and decarbonization goals while driving research and global dialogues.

A Comprehensive Approach to Decarbonization

From energy-efficient products to energy optimization services, Carrier provides a holistic approach to design, enable and delver improved sustainability.


We offer portfolio energy monitoring and building assessments and sustainability services through NORESCO and EMSI, Carrier businesses that specialize in the development, design, construction and operation of energy and environmental efficiency projects.


With a range of HVAC products including high-efficiency chillers, heat pumps, and variable refrigerant flow technology, Carrier can help reduce the environmental impact of heating and cooling, while digital solutions like Abound reduce energy consumption, lower utility, operating and maintenance costs and improve indoor air quality, occupant comfort and productivity.


Carrier’s sustainability-as-a-service leverages our proprietary and award-winning CORTIX AI platform to deliver guaranteed and auditable energy savings and equivalent carbon reduction. Through our best-in-class BluEdge service offering, we provide connected, condition-based maintenance services.


– Sustainable Cold Chain

While the world produces enough food to feed 10 billion people, one-third or more of it is wasted every year, resulting in more than 800 million people going hungry every day. Food waste also results in an estimated 4.4 gigatons of greenhouse gas emissions. To help overcome this global challenge and feed a growing planet, Carrier is creating a smarter and more connected cold chain.


– Sustainable Operations


We are committed to protecting what matters – our people and our environment. By designing, sourcing, producing, marketing and delivering our products and services in a secure, environmentally conscious and socially responsible manner, we actively work to create a world where people can be safe and comfortable.

Our commitment to sustainability begins with where we work. In each of our locations, we lead with policies, processes and practices intended to create safe and sustainable environments for our entire workforce. Our green building footprint spans the globe, with 17 LEED®-certified buildings in our owned and leased portfolio.

Goals and Performance

Our 2030 ESG goals underscore our commitment to the things that matter and to continuously challenge ourselves to think bigger and to be better. Expanding on three decades of environmental targets, we strive to be a positive catalyst for sustainable societal change as we innovate, empower our people and operate with integrity.

Health and Safety

At Carrier, there’s nothing more important than protecting the health and safety of our employees, our customers, and the natural environment. In keeping with The Carrier Way and our culture of continuous improvement, we’re replacing our Cardinal Rules with a new “Lead With Safety” program that includes a set of behaviors that all Carrier employees can embrace. Our 9 Safety Commitments empower our employees to stop work if any task cannot be performed safely, and support our existing EH&S program. Our program tracks the efficacy of our personal safety measures and helps reduce the frequency of incidents, upholding our 2030 commitment to maintain world-class safety metrics.



Our Responsibility

Carrier is committed to making the world safer and more comfortable for generations to come. And as we innovate to solve for the planet’s critical challenges, we remain focused on our responsibility to make a positive impact on society by empowering employees, enriching communities and sustaining our environment.

 – Our Employees

Inclusion and Diversity

At Carrier, our greatest strength is the diversity of our people and their ideas. We work hard to build a culture where all employees are valued and everyone feels included. We have a robust talent acquisition process to attract talent from the diverse, global marketplace, and we foster an inclusive culture that drives employee engagement, retention, teamwork and innovation. We also contribute to the communities where we live and do business by actively partnering with community and philanthropic organizations locally and nationally.

In Our Workforce

As a global company we seek to recruit, develop and promote our employees around the world valuing cultural differences, varied perspectives, background and experiences. We believe inclusion and diversity is a source of innovation.

We foster an inclusive culture that drives employee engagement, retention, teamwork and innovation. And we’re proud to say that our efforts to build a diverse workforce are yielding results: since 2015, we’ve successfully increased our percentage of female executives, executives of color and professionals of color.


–  Our Communities

Carrier is committed to making the world safer and more comfortable for generations to come. As we innovate to solve for the planet’s critical challenges, making a positive impact in our communities around the world is core to our purpose.

In 2021, Carrier supported more than 200 civic, cultural, economic and social welfare organizations around the world. We invested over $6 million in our communities through cash and in-kind donations, including over $1.2 million through the Carrier Employee Matching Gifts Program, a dollar-for-dollar charitable donation program.

Sustainable Urbanization

We promote environmental responsibility through sustainable building practices in urban areas, including climate resiliency, energy efficiency and water conservation. That’s why we support charitable organizations that seek to increase the resiliency of communities in addressing the physical and transitional impacts associated with climate change, such as The Nature Conservancy’s initiatives that help cities around the world become more resilient to meet the challenges of a changing climate.

Ensuring Safety & Security

Since 2002, Kidde has donated more than 1.6 million smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to fire departments to help make underserved communities safer.

Eliminating Hunger & Food Waste

We design and manufacture technologies that transport fresh food from farms to markets, and we support organizations that focus on eliminating hunger. We have supported organizations like Feeding America through a grant program to help address the increased need for refrigerated transport and storage units for its network of food banks.

Building a Brighter Future

We believe that building a brighter future begins with inspiring people of all ages today. That’s why we invest in the next generation of innovators. Our employees have a particular interest in supporting skills-based volunteerism, focused on partnerships with leading nonprofits in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Partnering with organizations like FIRST robotics, our employees have dedicated thousands of hours mentoring and inspiring thousands of students who aspire to be the next generation of engineers, scientists and advanced manufacturing professionals.

Creating Vibrant Communities

Each year, Carrier volunteers with local organizations in the communities where we live and work. Thanks to the expertise, creativity and passion of our employees, we are making a difference in all of the places we call home. Our company has provided local Habitat for Humanity organizations with financial support, product donations from our Healthy Homes suite of indoor air quality solutions and countless employee volunteer hours. In 2021, Carrier made a $250,000 donation to Habitat’s Home is the Key campaign to help families build safe, affordable homes.

Employee Matching Gifts Program

Our employees are a force for good, supporting the communities where they live and work through volunteerism, but also by contributing financially. Through the Carrier Matching Gifts Program, a dollar-for-dollar charitable donation matching program designed to extend the impact of Carrier employees’ donations to qualified non-profit organizations, our employees have the opportunity to make a difference in their communities.

The Carrier Foundation

The Carrier Foundation was established in 2021 with the vision to foster healthy, safe and sustainable communities. In support of this vision, the Foundation will invest in enabling equitable access to healthy, safe and sustainable built environments, food and medicine, and STEM education. In addition, the Foundation will invest in supporting diversity and inclusion and sustainability, specifically climate resiliency, energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and water conservation. The Foundation will fund Carrier’s Matching Gifts program and disaster relief initiatives.




Ethics and Compliance

At Carrier we aim to be world-class in everything we do – including our compliance with all laws and regulations and our Code of Ethics, which applies everywhere we do business. Every employee is responsible for ensuring that Carrier’s business is conducted in compliance with these laws and with Carrier’s Code of Ethics.

The reputation and success of Carrier ultimately depends not only upon the individual actions of our employees, but on the actions of the many parties with whom we do business. Accordingly, we expect our employees and our business partners to act at all times in a manner consistent with the values set forth in our Code of Ethics.

Beyond requiring us to comply with the law, our Code of Ethics demands that we aspire to do the right thing and to refrain from unethical or immoral conduct even when it may be permitted under the applicable law. We encourage employees and third parties to report Ethics and Compliance issues.

Our success relies on a system of core values that require us to hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards to ensure we earn our business based solely on our merits.

Corporate Governance

Our corporate governance provides the framework for building a culture of integrity and ethical behavior everywhere we do business. Our Board of Directors and policies guide our actions and govern the relationships among employees and with our customers and communities.

Our eight-member Board of Directors includes our Chairman & Chief Executive Officer and seven independent directors. The independent directors are members of the four permanent committees: Audit, Compensation, Governance and Technology and Innovation.


3) Our Segments


Our robust HVAC segment features industry-leading solutions to improve global comfort, productivity and efficiency. From our best-in-class products and services to our innovative controls and building automation systems, we’re driving the future of intelligent and sustainable buildings.


Our refrigeration segment is delivering confidence in the connected cold chain through healthy, safe, sustainable and intelligent solutions that transport, monitor and store the world’s perishables.

Fire Security

Our Fire & Security business encompasses a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial systems, including fire and carbon monoxide detection, alarm signaling, incident management, evacuation, monitoring; fire, gas and water mist suppression, fire and gas safety solutions and industrial equipment controls. Our security business offers access control and event monitoring, electronic locks, hospitality solutions, mobile apps and credentialing, real estate access solutions, remote access management, video management and video analytics.



4) Careers

At Carrier, we have a performance-driven culture – and it starts with strong teams and bold vision. That’s why we’re committed to attracting and retaining world-class talent.

Whether you’re starting your career or an experienced professional, there are plenty of opportunities to leave your mark on an already leading legacy and build a more efficient and sustainable future.


At Carrier we make modern life possible by delivering groundbreaking systems and services that help homes, buildings and shipping become safer, smarter and more sustainable. We exceed the expectations of our customers by anticipating industry trends, working tirelessly to master and revolutionize them.

Our global team of dedicated employees continues to set industry standards by pursuing the latest research and developments to improve the lives of our customers.

We’re constantly growing, seeking out talented, likeminded people who are committed to our primary duty: to be the world’s first choice in HVAC, refrigeration and fire & security technology.



As a leading global provider of HVAC, refrigeration and fire and security solutions, we seek talented students, recent graduates and professionals in a broad range of disciplines to create innovative products and solutions that will power the future.

Students, Internships and Co-ops

Through Carrier’s internship program, students and recent graduates learn about our industry-leading products and gain hands-on experience creating innovative solutions by working with mentors and senior leaders.

Recent Graduates and Early Careers

Carrier offers unparalleled opportunities for current students, recent graduates and new hires. Job opportunities are available throughout our many business units, along with early career programs and various formal two-year leadership programs in finance, engineering, digital technology, operations and other disciplines. Our goal is to help early career professionals become productive and successful associates after their experiences with us.

Experienced Professionals

Bring your skills and expertise to an industry-leading organization. Whether at the corporate headquarters or in one of our global offices, Carrier has a number of rewarding opportunities to grow in your career and be a part of building a sustainable future.





Wholesale Building Materials

Company size

Company size


Palm Beach Gardens, Florida


Fire Safety, Security, Building Automation, Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Systems


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