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About CareerLink HR

Human Resource Solution

CareerLink HR is a leading healthcare recruitment and outsourcing company in the UAE. Our team provides a talented workforce to numerous organisations in the medical industry. Our global platform enables healthcare professionals all around the world to boost their careers and be a valuable asset to organizations. We offer healthcare organisations short-term and long-term solutions to meet their workforce requirements. The workforce is the most substantial source and a valuable asset to any organization.


Current Job Openings

1) Psychiatrist – Apply Here

2) Gynecologist – Apply Here

3) Ophthalmologist – Apply Here

4) Nephrologist – Apply Here

5) Orthodontist – Apply Here

6) Emergency Medicine Consultant – Apply Here

7) Neurosurgeon Consultant – Apply Here

8) Orthopedic Surgeon – Apply Here

9) Urologist – Apply Here

10) Radiologist – Apply Here

11) Cardiologist – Apply Here

12) Anesthesiologist – Apply Here

13) Medical Oncologist – Apply Here

14) Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon – Apply Here

15) Pulmonologist – Apply Here

16) Specialist Prosthodontics – Apply Here

17) Consultant – Family Medicine – Apply Here

18) Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon – Apply Here

19) Specialist Orthodontist – Apply Here

20) Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon – Apply Here

21) Consultant Critical Care Medicine – Apply Here

22) Consultant Plastic Surgeon – Apply Here

23) Consultant Ophthalmologist – Apply Here

24) Consultant Pediatrician – Apply Here

25) Consultant Pulmonologist – Apply Here

26) Consultant Psychiatrist – Apply Here

27) Consultant Urologist – Apply Here

28) Consultant Cardiologist – Apply Here

29) Consultant Gastroenterologist – Apply Here

30) Consultant Obstetrician Gynecologist – Apply Here

31) Consultant Emergency Medicine – Apply Here

32) Radiation Oncologist Consultant – Apply Here

33) Consultant General Surgeon – Apply Here

34) Consultant Internal Medicine – Apply Here

35) Family Medicine Consultant – Apply Here

36) Consultant – Nephrologist – Apply Here

37) Consultant Endocrinologist – Apply Here

38) Consultant – Medical Oncologist – Apply Here

39) Consultant Anesthesiologist – Apply Here

40) Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon – Apply Here

41) Emergency Medicine Specialist – Apply Here


Career With CareerLink HR

Our applicants have hands-on experience and are incredibly talented. We engage talents all over the globe including the US, Europe, and other countries by cultivating a work culture that fosters success, develops careers, boosts communication and honors all commitments. As an applicant, if you are looking for a medical job in the UAE, you have come to the right place. If you are running a hospital or a clinic and need specific healthcare resources, you can approach us. Our team is ready to help you with the services 24/7.


CareerLink HR Vacancies

We, at CareerLink HR, help do

1ctors of any specialty and grade achieve permanent jobs in the UAE hospitals. With CareerLink HR, you can expect:

Our highly experienced and talented medical-related staffing resources use their skills and expertise to provide you with an exceptional service pertaining to the needs of the clients. Our clients show immense trust and faith in us that drives us to offer top-notch services.

Healthcare Medical Licensing Services

The Unified Healthcare Professional Qualification Requirements (PQR) is a standard licensing document developed by the UAE health authorities. These necessary requirements of healthcare professionals are mandatory to practice in the UAE as per the federal laws and international best practices and standards. The rules and regulations slightly differ as per the region such as Dubai (DHA & DHCC), Abu Dhabi (HAAD/DOH), Sharjah & Northern Emirates (MOH). We, at CareerLink HR, offer various licensing packages to medical professionals and help them with the entire application process.




Company size

11-50 employees

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