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Sales And Marketing Representative

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Sales And Marketing Representative Jobs in Dubai


About the job

Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above, no major limitation, able to communicate and communicate in English proficiently;

2. 25-35 years old, with retail work experience or brand store sales experience;

3. Proficiency in using various office software and communication tools, sales experience in the E cig industry is preferred;

4. Have a strong business sense and negotiation skills, good at face-to-face sales;

5. Have strong market insight and analysis capabilities, and have strong marketing planning capabilities;

6. Good communication skills, organization and coordination skills, teamwork skills and professionalism;

7. Active and enthusiastic in work, patient, careful and responsible;

8. Have a UAE driving license and be able to drive safely;

Job Responsibilities:

1. Fully understand the product and understand the market demand

2. Search for customers, visit customers, and establish cooperative relations

3. Make orders according to customer needs

4. Order tracking, customer information feedback, payment collection

5. Do a good job in products after-sales service

Salary composition:

Basic Salary + Commission (Total AED 3000-5000)

Company benefits

1. Employee birthday benefits

2. Holiday party

3. Afternoon tea/snacks


Work location:

Dubai International City





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