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Senior Software Engineer Jobs In Abu Dhabi

About the job

Technology Innovation Institute (TII) is a publicly funded research institute, based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It is home to a diverse community of leading scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and researchers from across the globe, transforming problems and roadblocks into pioneering research and technology prototypes that help move society ahead.

Digital Security Research Center 


At the Digital Security Research Centre, we aim to make the world’s software more secure by tackling path explosion, issues in software supply-chain, making automatic generic bug-hunting frameworks more effective for complex software, and repairing software while maintaining functionality and performance at scale. Our work focuses on:


  • Automated binary analysis
  • Vulnerability evaluation
  • Self-healing
  • Strategic decision-making


Position: Senior Software Engineer – Digital Security


The successful candidate will work in collaboration with, and receive mentorship from, leading researchers, advisors, and engineers to advance state-of-the-art tools. Within a development team of software engineers and scientists, the incumbent will design and implement solutions with a focus on Agile software development. Accordingly, we are seeking engineers with expertise in computer security who are passionate about developing the next generation of autonomous systems.


Job Description


  • Translating research evidence into concrete tools and systems
  • Designing and implementing efficient algorithms
  • Integrating third party APIs and libraries, and deploying and maintaining software
  • Engineering linear scalable software (with all cores)
  • Assisting with reverse-engineering compiled binaries (e.g., x86/x64, Arm, MIPS)
  • Building generic fuzzer frameworks
  • Leveraging symbolic execution methods and strategies
  • Incorporating machine learning techniques
  • Building fuzzing harnesses, automating crash analyses, and building new automated tools and frameworks
  • Optimizing and extending existing security tools (e.g., AFL, LibFuzzer, Syzkaller)
  • Addressing bottlenecks (with performance analysis) and optimizing code for CPUs and GPUs


Skills required for the job


  • 4+ years of professional experience in computer security
  • Experience using collaboration tools (e.g., Atlassian)
  • Ability to conduct reverse engineering on binaries and firmware
  • Ability to configure and tune continuous integration tools (e.g., Jenkins)
  • Demonstrable experience with version-control system solutions (e.g., GitHub or GitLab)
  • Proficiency in programming (e.g., Assembly, C/C++, Python 3, Go, or Rust)
  • Experience using hypervisors and virtualization (e.g., QEMU, Unicorn, VirtualBox, and Bochs)
  • Strong understanding of disassemblers/decompilers (e.g., IDA Pro, Binary Ninja, Radare2, Capstone, Miasm, or Ghidra)
  • Technical knowledge of dynamic binary instrumentation (e.g., Pin, DynamoRIO, or Dyninst)
  • Familiarity with binary analysis platforms (e.g., BAP, Angr, S2E, Qiling, or Triton)
  • In-depth understanding of scriptable debuggers (e.g., GNU Debugger, WinDbg, or Valgrind)
  • Hands-on experience using LLVM sanitizers (e.g., ASAN, UBSAN, and MSAN)
  • Ability to effectively work with containerization and orchestration (e.g., Docker and Kubernetes)
  • Knowledge of guided fuzzing research, dynamic binary translation, and triaging vulnerabilities
  • Knowledge and/or development of kernel modules
  • In-depth knowledge of executable binary programs (e.g., PE, COFF, and ELF formats)
  • Knowledge of standard software protections and techniques (e.g., DEP, ASLR, and CFI)
  • Understanding of symbolic logic and proving theorems for automating network configuration
  • Firmware development and debugging skills
  • Demonstrated analytical and manuscript preparation skills, including a track record of authoring peer-reviewed research publications




  • Master’s degree in computer science, electrical engineering, or a related STEM discipline

At TII, we help society to overcome its biggest hurdles through a rigorous approach to scientific discovery and inquiry, using state-of-the-art facilities and collaboration with leading international institutions. Our rigorous discovery and inquiry-based approach helps to forge new and disruptive breakthroughs in advanced materials, autonomous robotics, cryptography, digital security, directed energy, quantum computing and secure systems.



To apply for this job please visit careers.tii.ae.