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Dubai Schools Careers Opportunities

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  • 1000 - 10000 USD / Year
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UAE School

About UAE Schools

UAE has a diverse education system with a range of schools that offer both local and international curricula. Schools in the UAE may be government-run or private, and may offer education for students from kindergarten through high school.

Some schools in the UAE follow the local curriculum, which is based on the Ministry of Education’s guidelines and is taught in Arabic. Other schools may follow an international curriculum, such as the British, American, or Indian curricula, which are taught in English.

There are also a number of international schools in the UAE that offer a variety of curricula and languages of instruction, including French, German, and Japanese.


Current Dubai Schools Careers Openings

1) Sunrise International School – Apply Here

2) GEMS FirstPoint School – Apply Here

3) Amity School – Apply Here

4) Beaconhouse Private School  – Apply Here

5) GEMS New Millennium School – Apply Here

6) GEMS Founders School – Apply Here

7) Manthena American School – Apply Here

8) Encyclopedia of Science School – Apply Here

9) Aspen Heights British School – Apply Here

10) Al Rayaheen School  – Apply Here

11) Deira Private School – Apply Here

12) Al Durrah International School – Apply Here

13) Palm International School  – Apply Here

14) GEMS National School  – Apply Here



17) Our Own High School  – Apply Here

18) Sharjah American International School – Apply Here

19) Al Zuhour Private School


21) Clarion School Dubai

22) The Indian High School

23) Swiss International Scientific School

24) Emirates National School

25) Ajman American Private School

26) International School Of Creative Science

27) Global English School

28) GEMS Winchester School

29) Frontline International Private School

30) Taryam American Private School

31) UCSI International School

32) Al Murooj English Private School

33) UK Curriculum School

34) GEMS Legacy School

35) Prime International School

36) Sama American Private School

37) St. Mary Private High School

38) Apple International Community School

39) Next Generation American School

40) Elite Private School

41) American National School

42) The Central School

43) Dubai Scholars Private School

44) Ain Al Khaleej School

45) American Curriculum School

46) Shining Star International School

47) Sunmarke School Careers

48) Regent International School Careers

49) Jumeirah International Nursery Careers

50) Diyar Private School

51) Pamir Private School

52) International Community Schools

53) Pace International School

54) The Oxford School

55) Pace Creative British School

56) Dubai British School Jumeirah Park

57) British Curriculum School

58) Victoria International School

59) Dewvale School

60) Arzana Private School

61) Ignite School

62) Belvedere British School

63) Credence High School

64) Bright Riders School

65) Al Khaleej International School

66) Global Indian School

67) Al Rushed American Private School

68) Future International School

69) Amity Private School

70) Buds Public School


72) Nord Anglia International School

73) Capital Private School

74) Ralph Education School

75) Dwight School

76) Delhi Private School

77) Future Leaders International Private School

78) Next Generation School

79) GEMS Metropole School

80) INPSAA Private School

81) Al Riyadh School

82) International Indian School

83) Ajyal International School

84) Al Maharat Private School

85) Eduaura Online School

86) Star International School


88) Taaleem Charter Schools

89) Pace International School Sharjah

90) Al Sadiq Islamic School

91) Al Sadiq School

92) Al Ithihad Private School Jumeirah


94) Gulf Asian English School

95) Excel International School

96) Al Ansar International School

97) WISE Indian Private School

98) Charter Schools Taaleem

99) Teacher of ICT

100) Arcadia School

101) Our Own Indian School

102) Taaleem Ajyal School

103) Smart Vision School

104) Clarion School

105) Leaders Private School

106) Al Resalah American International School

107) Wesgreen International School

108) Oaktree Primary School

109) GEMS Al Khaleej International School


111) Al Ansar School

112) The First Academy American School

113) Brighton British School

114) International Academic School

115) Woodlem Park School

116) Crown Private School


118) GEMS Westminster School

119) Modern American School

Diyafah International School – Apply Here

Al Murooj English School – Apply Here

Woodlem British School – Apply Here

British International School – Apply Here

Scholars International Academy School – Apply Herem

American Gulf School – Apply Here

Dubai Arabian American Private School – Apply Here

Grammar School – Apply Here

Habitat School – Apply Here

Dubai Modern Education School – Apply Here

City American School – Apply Here

Al Maaref Private School – Apply Here

Creative British School – Apply Here

Pristine Private School – Apply Here


Dubai Scools Career Opportunities

Dubai is home to some of the most reputable and well-respected schools in the United Arab Emirates, offering a wide range of career opportunities for educators and support staff. These opportunities include positions in teaching, administration, and non-teaching roles such as counseling, librarianship, IT support, and more. Whether you’re an experienced educator or just starting your career, you’ll find a wealth of opportunities to grow and advance in Dubai’s schools. Many Dubai schools are known for providing excellent professional development and training programs, which help employees to stay up-to-date with the latest teaching methodologies and technologies. They also offer a diverse and inclusive working environment and committed to providing equal opportunities for all employees and candidates for employment.


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